Tuesday, 13 August 2013

New Future for Paul Roux Sports Field and Hall

 More than a year ago, a discussion arose at the Forum about the Sports hall and field that has been degraded and stripped by vandals over the years. At that time about 15 Paul Rouxsters expressed an interest that I chat to the owners, the Opwag Boerevereniging, to enquire as to whether we could possibly purchase it and renovate it.
As discussions got more serious, the initial group of interested Paul Rouxsters reduced until eventually a deal was struck recently whereby three Paul Rouxsters Richard Lewis, Sean Jones and Roy Law have an agreement with Opwag, and the conveyancing process is now under way. We have plans to have the walls rebuilt, windows and doors replaced, fencing, new gates and restoration of the toilets and lights and floodlamps, and in time hopefully some stables at the back.
We are hoping that this new life to the property will add to the village as it means a venue where we can hold functions, agricultural shows, car shows, music festivals, horse shows etc. The possibilities are endless.  
Wish us luck! We hope to have it up and running by next year April when we have the big festival as we would like to hold a limited-overs cricket game on the Friday 4th April 2014 and then a braai there afterwards. I am sure that those of you who remember the venue when it was still alive will be very happy to hear that it is to come to life again.
Richard Lewis

Paul Roux Residents Forum - Chairman's Message August 2013

The browns of autumn in Paul Roux and all the Sandstone makes for a lovely almost victorian setting for my Bentley 1961 S2 here seen in the gates of Dereck Petersons home Folly Cove with the NGK in the background which celebrates its centenary in 2014.

 The beautiful things about this time of the year is that its really not all bropwns at all but an array of colours with their own seasonal beauty. Here the koppie behind Paul Roux as seen from my back garden.

The good thing about winter time is that there is less to do in the garden and it’s great to be able to get down to maintenance on the houses we have.
I have seen a lot of people repainting, doing additions and touching up here and there. Those that are building have had fine weather to do so, and much progress has been made. Ruben and his team at the Municipal Office organised to have the roads regraded again after the damage caused by the last rains we had and this is much appreciated.
I would encourage those that have holiday homes in Paul Roux, or those that are away on leave, to please get a low energy night sensor globe for your front and back door or stoep. Leaving your house in darkness for weeks at a time is tempting for people who may pass through looking to steal. We want to discourage this and maintain our very low crime rate.
We have had new people move into Paul Roux – permanent residents that have already started on the houses and gardens and the Forum bids them a hearty welcome to the Village.
I am thrilled that an art and music society is being formed in the Village – it will be a wonderful platform for anyone involved in the arts to be able to network, showcase and create an energy with like-minded people as they in their own way seek to add to the vibe and feel of this haven we call home.
I continue to be thrilled with the way in which barriers continue to be broken down within the various groups in the Village – it seems more and more residents are supporting the concept of being a Paul Rouxster first and foremost, and to understand that it is ALL of us who live in this village that will make it what it is – so you can either add positively or not – I am glad to see so many more people are engaging and adding positively. Thank you.
Enjoy your fires while you still can – and by the time you receive the next edition of the Paul Roux Telegraaf, it will be well and truly SPRING.
God bless
Richard Lewis