Tuesday, 13 August 2013

New Future for Paul Roux Sports Field and Hall

 More than a year ago, a discussion arose at the Forum about the Sports hall and field that has been degraded and stripped by vandals over the years. At that time about 15 Paul Rouxsters expressed an interest that I chat to the owners, the Opwag Boerevereniging, to enquire as to whether we could possibly purchase it and renovate it.
As discussions got more serious, the initial group of interested Paul Rouxsters reduced until eventually a deal was struck recently whereby three Paul Rouxsters Richard Lewis, Sean Jones and Roy Law have an agreement with Opwag, and the conveyancing process is now under way. We have plans to have the walls rebuilt, windows and doors replaced, fencing, new gates and restoration of the toilets and lights and floodlamps, and in time hopefully some stables at the back.
We are hoping that this new life to the property will add to the village as it means a venue where we can hold functions, agricultural shows, car shows, music festivals, horse shows etc. The possibilities are endless.  
Wish us luck! We hope to have it up and running by next year April when we have the big festival as we would like to hold a limited-overs cricket game on the Friday 4th April 2014 and then a braai there afterwards. I am sure that those of you who remember the venue when it was still alive will be very happy to hear that it is to come to life again.
Richard Lewis

Paul Roux Residents Forum - Chairman's Message August 2013

The browns of autumn in Paul Roux and all the Sandstone makes for a lovely almost victorian setting for my Bentley 1961 S2 here seen in the gates of Dereck Petersons home Folly Cove with the NGK in the background which celebrates its centenary in 2014.

 The beautiful things about this time of the year is that its really not all bropwns at all but an array of colours with their own seasonal beauty. Here the koppie behind Paul Roux as seen from my back garden.

The good thing about winter time is that there is less to do in the garden and it’s great to be able to get down to maintenance on the houses we have.
I have seen a lot of people repainting, doing additions and touching up here and there. Those that are building have had fine weather to do so, and much progress has been made. Ruben and his team at the Municipal Office organised to have the roads regraded again after the damage caused by the last rains we had and this is much appreciated.
I would encourage those that have holiday homes in Paul Roux, or those that are away on leave, to please get a low energy night sensor globe for your front and back door or stoep. Leaving your house in darkness for weeks at a time is tempting for people who may pass through looking to steal. We want to discourage this and maintain our very low crime rate.
We have had new people move into Paul Roux – permanent residents that have already started on the houses and gardens and the Forum bids them a hearty welcome to the Village.
I am thrilled that an art and music society is being formed in the Village – it will be a wonderful platform for anyone involved in the arts to be able to network, showcase and create an energy with like-minded people as they in their own way seek to add to the vibe and feel of this haven we call home.
I continue to be thrilled with the way in which barriers continue to be broken down within the various groups in the Village – it seems more and more residents are supporting the concept of being a Paul Rouxster first and foremost, and to understand that it is ALL of us who live in this village that will make it what it is – so you can either add positively or not – I am glad to see so many more people are engaging and adding positively. Thank you.
Enjoy your fires while you still can – and by the time you receive the next edition of the Paul Roux Telegraaf, it will be well and truly SPRING.
God bless
Richard Lewis

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Paul Roux Festival Planned for 5/6 April 2014



2014 - 5/6 April


 major weekend of celebrations is being planned for the 5/6 April 2014 to mark the 100th anniversary of the NG Kerk and to revive the Sandsteenfes that used to be so popular and well supported from far and wide in years gone by. A Committee will be set up to drive this process consisting of the major stakeholders and to ensure that we really enjoy a magnificent day.

      Our initial thinking is along the following lines – :

  • Agricultural show
  • NGK and APK Church bazaars
  • Horse riding clubs for a Fun outride and Mountain biking /Cycling fun race
  • Motor Car clubs  and Motor Cycle clubs exhibiting
  • Art  and craft exhibitions and Flea market
  • Live performers – hopefully names that will draw crowds
  • Various activities – pellet gun shooting contest, hot dog eating contest, egg throwing partner contest, pootjie contest
  • Bowling competition at Bowls club, Children’s tractor-trailer rides, Motor car rally and Street Braai etc.
It is expected that the appropriate venues such as The Rock, Pink Tricycle, Dino Antiques, Dunlin B&B and the Rosenhof Country Lodge will also develop activities/promotions and accommodation specials for that weekend. Saturday afternoon would end with a live performance from a well-known performer which then leads into a dance.

Sunday morning will have the commemorative church service where all are invited, and where it is intended to have a well-known gospel singer to perform and an invited organist to give a short recital on the pipe organ. After the church service, hopefully lunches will be offered at the eating establishments in the Village. We will also ensure maximum media coverage in print and radio and every effort will be made to try and get TV coverage as well. We now have less than a year to go so we intend to begin right away with invites, arrangements etc. If we do things right, this should be a really major event and I hope that all of you will make an effort to do your part.

If you have any ideas as to what we can add to the list above, or where you would be keen to participate, please let me know. Richard Lewis

Paul Roux Forum - Chairman's Autumn Message June 2013

Autumn is a time for mixed feelings – it signals the end of warmth, long days, green fields and the slowing down of life for many things – some animals go into hibernation, plants retreat or seem to die off, dogs sleep a lot more, mornings are darker and colder, and evenings arrive earlier in the day. One seems to have so much to do but less time to do it in.
But with Autumn, also comes the changing of the countryside into seas of gold and bronze, trees seem to be ablaze with yellow glory, as if soaking up all the last of the warm rays of sunlight. People lucky enough to have fireplaces light them again, and they, with their pets, have the opportunity to all sit around and enjoy the warmth. Others braaing, or sitting around their bomas, are warmly dressed and wear scarves and beanies – and red wine, a fine whisky or piping hot coffee or milo makes for conversation around these pools of warmth and which are so typical for many of the Paul Roux experience.

I believe I can honestly say that these past few weeks have probably been some of the finest weather I have had the pleasure of experiencing in my life. The days have been sunny and pleasant. There has hardly been any wind, we had late rains which kept many gardens still looking green and full of colour, and the morning sunrise and evening sunset awash with the early pink glow, or the golden end of day shimmer, has been perfect for walking, cycling, horse-riding and meeting one another.

I read a report last year in my capacity as Chairman of WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of SA), that the greater Johannesburg area could expect its population to double within the next 10 years, and most of the new inhabitants would not be tax or rate paying citizens and many would be the unemployed. There is an expectation that there will be an increase in crime, lack of service delivery or maintenance around water, waste and sewage and energy/power problems will continue. More and more fortified residential estates are going up as ordinary residents feel threatened in stand-alone houses in suburbs. This is happening to many of the cities, and as it does so people with the ability and funds to be able to make a lifestyle choice are once again looking towards country village living.
We, the fortunate ones who live and have property here need to fully understand how fortunate we are to be able to live safely, walk our dogs, have kids riding their bikes in the streets and the beautiful countryside we are enclosed in. In addition, we have a beautiful road to Bethlehem, just 20 minutes away where practically all the facilities and amenities that we need are at hand.

As we attract visitors to Paul Roux – we are especially reaching out to the horse-riding community ( we have gone from 2 – 13 horses now), arts ( 8 artists) and crafts (several people doing pottery), writers, professionals and anyone willing to bring their talents and positive energy to the Village, I am predicting that it will continue to grow into the jewel which I see emerging.
I am a very Proud Paul Rouxster!!!.  Please support the Forum by becoming a member – we really are making every effort to ensure that our Village has a magnificent future. Regards Richard.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Paul Roux Resident's Forum Chairman's Message March/April 2013

 Greetings to all in Paul Roux and especially the Forum members. It seems like only yesterday that I was writing the New Year message and now we are rushing towards Easter and April.
Personally I have found it a very busy first three months, but it seems that many people are feeling more positive about the year than they did about 2012. There have been so many birthday parties etc – so lots of people have been having a good time.
We had lots of good rains this summer which has been fantastic as poor Senekal has had hardly any. However, the heavy rains did do a lot of damage to our village roads which had been looking really good. But I am thankful to Ruben and his team for filling all the potholes in the tar, and the municipal sidewalks and the park etc have been nicely cleaned up.
We had the Maluti Antique Auto and Machine Club have a breakfast run to the Rosenhof Hotel where we enjoyed a truly excellent breakfast – the food was commented on by all – I was proud of the spread. I also used the opportunity to tell people some of the history of Paul Roux and some of our plans moving forward. Within the Car Club were two members who had both been Head Boys of the Paul Roux School in their youth, and  over 50 years ago had partied at the Rosenhof Hotel when it was owned by its original owner. For them it was a nostalgic moment. They were so pleased with how well the Rosenhof had been restored.

Pink Tricycle hosted a lovely art viewing evening where Carolise made all welcome as usual.
We now have 10 horses in Paul Roux that are ridden about the village, it’s great to see Paul Rouxsters out and about on their horses. We certainly intend to encourage more of the horse riding community. I recently bought a mountain bike to enjoy the local scenery only to discover that we have several cyclists in the village, and so hopefully we can do a Paul Roux group ride one day.
I must congratulate Emmarencia and Lourens Gouws on their Dino Antiques shop and tea garden – it is really looking good and I know all the hard work that has gone into it. It has made a huge difference to the Kaallaagte Road entrance to the village.
Cedric has now opened a restaurant next to the Rock and away from the pub where people can dine in a quieter environment and they intend to also start with breakfasts, cakes and coffee. We now have the petrol station well and truly open and operating 7 days a week from 6am to 8pm. Along with the garage there is a quickshop also open from 6am to 8pm  and they sell, apart from the usual, fresh meat, veggies, take-aways, cell pre-paids etc.
There have been houses sold and houses bought, renovations continue around the village, and I predict that when the historic problem of ‘Paul Roux has a water problem’ has gone with the new pipeline, that we are going to see a lot of interest in this village. Visitors that weekend with me all leave loving the place.
It remains a jewel and I continue to be grateful to be living here.
Please try and get involved in things happening in the village when you can. Some people make their lives count and others watch as life goes by. Make sure you are making a difference. Get out and about and enjoy the weather as well – soon it will be cold again.
Richard Lewis

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Paul Roux Residents Forum Chairmans Report January 2013


 Well, 21 December 2012 came and went and the world did not end. However, as so many people found 2012 a difficult year in many ways, 2013 can for many signify a new beginning. 
As Chairman of the Forum I would like to suggest that our resolution of the year be that we continue to all reach out to each other; young and old, new comers and old-comers, English and Afrikaans, rich and poor, visitors and residents because as I have said before – there is strength in unity, and our Vision of creating a beautiful village here is worth all of us playing a part.
Lets try and:

·         Do unto others as we would have them do to us

·         Respect each other as we respect ourselves

·         Judge not lest we be judged

·         Where there is strife, let us sow peace.

 With gratitude to Dominee Hennie Smit, many of us joined the NGK for their Christmas service and it was a wonderful celebration, all of us fellowshipping together – and so good to see so many people from the Forum in attendance. It was a spirit filled and joyous occasion.
New Years Eve saw a coming together of all parts of the community of Paul Roux, when the largest gathering we have had in years got together to enjoy one another and dance the night away. Again a sign that the movement to become ONE Paul Roux is really taking off.
The generosity of some Forum members continues to blow me away;

Anthony and Leslie Hawley donated 6 fans to the Bowling Club - Anthony, through his company Lighting Be, then donated 44 street lamps to the Village to cover the whole of Joubert street with Energy efficient street lighting which Council can monitor later to see the power savings which will be substantial. 18 have already been installed. They have also donated lights for the bowling greens. Wow guys!

Then hats off to Ruben Evans who secured 1000 trees for us in the Re-greening project and 100 trees were given to each school for planting and the rest are being planted in the camp adjacent to the N5 road and also some along the fence of the cemetery. Huge thank you Ruben.

In our attempts to beautify the village we will be embarking on several projects:

Hartmut and Rosemarie Schutze have donated dozens of awesome squared off 1,6 m poles of hard wood. We felt that it would be wonderful to create a nice white washed fence from the country shop down ( with relevant gaps for cars and driveways of course) past the Pensions office / Ons Trots down to past the sandstone house above the small side road. The relevant creepers and flowers would be planted here as well to increase the appeal of the main Entrance to Paul Roux. If and whn more become available, we will continue with this theme. Huge thank you to the Schutze’s.

We are also looking at ideas to improve the entrance of the Village from the N5 down the near the Rock, in line with our Vision to be attractive as a country eco tourist destination.
Good news is that Paul Roux is a registered Conservancy and now we can start getting formal assistance in restoring our wetlands and protecting our environmentally sensitive areas.
 Some forum members have clubbed in to buy paint so that the Maluti Furnishers Building can be repainted as it is a terrible eyesore. Cedric has offered to have the grounds cleaned up, grass cut, etc and to provide the labour to paint and so this building should look a lot better soon.
Left over paint will be used to touch up other buildings that need to be cleaned up.
It’s been great to see how many people have been working so hard in their gardens, all doing their bit for the appearance of the village – Its amazing what clean pavement gardens do to the appearance of a road n- I don’t know about you, but I think the village was beautiful over the Xmas and New Year season.
May 2013 be the start of a whole new life of energy, joy and enthusiasm for all of you.

 God bless you all.

Dr.Richard Lewis

The evenings are absolutely beautiful at the moment. Nice to see that there are a lot more residents out walking, etc.

And good summer rains continue to fall bringing out the best in gardens.