Monday, 13 May 2013

Paul Roux Resident's Forum Chairman's Message March/April 2013

 Greetings to all in Paul Roux and especially the Forum members. It seems like only yesterday that I was writing the New Year message and now we are rushing towards Easter and April.
Personally I have found it a very busy first three months, but it seems that many people are feeling more positive about the year than they did about 2012. There have been so many birthday parties etc – so lots of people have been having a good time.
We had lots of good rains this summer which has been fantastic as poor Senekal has had hardly any. However, the heavy rains did do a lot of damage to our village roads which had been looking really good. But I am thankful to Ruben and his team for filling all the potholes in the tar, and the municipal sidewalks and the park etc have been nicely cleaned up.
We had the Maluti Antique Auto and Machine Club have a breakfast run to the Rosenhof Hotel where we enjoyed a truly excellent breakfast – the food was commented on by all – I was proud of the spread. I also used the opportunity to tell people some of the history of Paul Roux and some of our plans moving forward. Within the Car Club were two members who had both been Head Boys of the Paul Roux School in their youth, and  over 50 years ago had partied at the Rosenhof Hotel when it was owned by its original owner. For them it was a nostalgic moment. They were so pleased with how well the Rosenhof had been restored.

Pink Tricycle hosted a lovely art viewing evening where Carolise made all welcome as usual.
We now have 10 horses in Paul Roux that are ridden about the village, it’s great to see Paul Rouxsters out and about on their horses. We certainly intend to encourage more of the horse riding community. I recently bought a mountain bike to enjoy the local scenery only to discover that we have several cyclists in the village, and so hopefully we can do a Paul Roux group ride one day.
I must congratulate Emmarencia and Lourens Gouws on their Dino Antiques shop and tea garden – it is really looking good and I know all the hard work that has gone into it. It has made a huge difference to the Kaallaagte Road entrance to the village.
Cedric has now opened a restaurant next to the Rock and away from the pub where people can dine in a quieter environment and they intend to also start with breakfasts, cakes and coffee. We now have the petrol station well and truly open and operating 7 days a week from 6am to 8pm. Along with the garage there is a quickshop also open from 6am to 8pm  and they sell, apart from the usual, fresh meat, veggies, take-aways, cell pre-paids etc.
There have been houses sold and houses bought, renovations continue around the village, and I predict that when the historic problem of ‘Paul Roux has a water problem’ has gone with the new pipeline, that we are going to see a lot of interest in this village. Visitors that weekend with me all leave loving the place.
It remains a jewel and I continue to be grateful to be living here.
Please try and get involved in things happening in the village when you can. Some people make their lives count and others watch as life goes by. Make sure you are making a difference. Get out and about and enjoy the weather as well – soon it will be cold again.
Richard Lewis

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