Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Paul Roux Spring 2014 Chairman's Message

Spring is here!
Renovating the Paul Roux Events Centre 
The winter was short but we certainly had some moments such as the night it dropped to minus 15. However, the way the fruit trees are blooming I think we can all expect some good fruit picking this year.
Well the contractors are finishing off the Paul Roux Events Centre and it’s looking good. It should be very useful for country shows, festivals and other get-togethers. We had the old toilets at the back taken down and new brick ones built so it looks much better too.

The first little event there will be for a good cause – Cup For Cancer – at 10am on Saturday 20 September at a cost of R50 per cup. Please go along and support.  

I can highly recommend the biltong being sold at Bakgat Biltong in a rondavel by the Rock – in my opinion its fantastic. Also pop in and meet Hetta Britz at ‘Kom Loer In’ where they sell  clothing, art, snacks, groceries and meat – they are next to the Clinic in Voortrekker Street. It’s a very interesting little shop. They aim to do take-aways soon. Dino’s has grown considerably both in size and stock – always an interesting place to eat and  browse, and Pink Tricycle continues to serve lekker food and its famous Sunday lunch specials.
It’s great to see how many houses have been bought and sold and how many are being renovated. Kevin and Pam Duncan are doing major renovations to the house they bought opposite me in Joubert Street, Karen Passier moved into her house down in the horse territory of the village and I could not believe how she has transformed it inside and out. All over the place, houses are being worked on and Hanli De Lange’s cottage  is looking really charming as well.  
Adie Kay who bought Dankbar has also started her renovations before the furniture arrives, and Die Ou Pastorie is welcoming its new owner Mary Kearney any day now. Mary is also a keen horse-rider. Dereck Peterson has bought the plot behind his cottage where he will be building a sandstone guest-cottage and stables.
The two mega-litre reservoirs, pressure tank and pump station and the bulk pipeline from Bethlehem to Paul Roux  have been completed and our new waste water treatment plant is under construction. I believe the removal of the Village’s historic water problem may be a major feature as to why property sales in Paul Roux have increased so much. So, all is well in Paul Roux and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible over the coming months. We have a privileged lifestyle here – please enjoy it by getting out to have a walk or a run or a ride as often as possible – most people in SA and cities don’t have the luxury – so don’t waste it by just sitting around watching TV.  Make the most of every moment please – get out there and enjoy the village! Finally my thanks once again to all who have contributed articles to this Telegraaf, the Forum members whose fees pay for the printing of it and to Edward van den Berg who puts the Telegraaf together- a task which takes hours – Ed we appreciate it..a lot.                                                
Richard Lewis -  Chairman – Paul Roux Residents Forum
( Nothing quite beats a good coffee on my stoep! )





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